Jona Guard surface protector was recently put under the “Hell Run” test. This test includes metal castors running at 3000 revolutions during a wet and dry application upon the Jona Guard surface protector. We are proud to announce that Jona Guard not only survived but also thrived completing the test without any tears or deterioration!

Jona Guard is our cardboard based temporary surface protector made in Canada. It is made with a 4 ply construction including a nylon scrim which makes it the most water resistant cardboard based surface protector on the market today. Jona Guard is also made with recycled material!

With no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) you don’t have to worry about allergens or harmful chemicals on your job site or home!

Jona Guard is extremely tough which enables you to rest assured that your surfaces, finished or unfinished, are protected against spills, mud, moisture, paint, boots and tools.

Jona Guard is quick to install and remove, simply unroll with minimum recoil and then re-roll for future use and easy storage.

Competitors like RamBoard come in huge rolls that are very heavy, Jona Guard on the other hand comes in easy to carry rolls with 300 ft coverage (36″ x 100′). Our water resistant Jona Guard also kicks RamBoard to the curb! Watch the video and see for yourself!

Jona Guard is made in Canada and is available for purchase in Canada as well as the USA. Should you have any questions or want to acquire samples or rolls for purchase please get in touch with Jona Panel Sales Inc.


Cardboard based surface protector survives "Hell Run" test with 3000 revolutions of metal castors in both wet and dry applications!<br /> Jona Guard is a cardboard based temporary surface protector to use during renovations and construction projects. The most moisture resistant cardboard based surface protector in the industry today, you can rest assured your flooring or concrete is protected against mud, moisture, spills, boots and tools during a paint or renovation project.