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Jona Panel Sales is proud to offer environmentally friendly and innovative building materials for commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, modular/prefab manufacturers, film sets and home owners. Take a look through our products to see which environmentally friendly choice is right for you.

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GreenE-Board™ is manufactured with a patent pending process and formula using Magnesium Oxide and Magnesium Chloride. The manufacturing process uses less than 50% of the energy consumed to make comparable Portland cement based wall board. GreenE-Board™ contains a minimum of 5% transferred  post-industrial recycled material. 100% of our manufacturing post-industrial waste is…

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Whisper Walk LVT & LVP

Whisper Walk LVT/LVP Underlayment, made from extruded polystyrene, is composed of closed foam technology for outstanding sound reduction. Made for luxury vinyl tile and plank installation applications, Whisper Walk LVT helps correct minor subfloor imperfections and is extremely flexible. Its unique design and texture optimizes sound reductions. Can be used…

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RG Board Temporary Floor Protector

Protect your surfaces using RG Board temporary flooring protector. Prevent scuffs and scrapes during renovations and construction projects by laying RG Board and taping it down to prevent any shifting. It is easy to work with and is equipped with breathable technology. Proudly made in Canada!

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Spray-Lock FRP Adhesive

FRP Adhesive by Spray-Lock is the fastest working wall panel adhesive on earth. Spray-Lock FRP Adhesive is the best option for installers looking for the fastest-working spray adhesive with the longest working time on the market. Instead of constantly applying adhesive to the back of the panels which adds weight…

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Spray-Lock 6500 Premium Eco Adhesive For Carpet

Carpet pad and tile are popular choices in commercial spaces like airports, offices and hospitals. Spray-Lock 6500 is ideal for carpet pad, as it allows carpet to be installed the same day, rather than waiting 24 hours. Spray-Lock 6500 for carpet tile also makes for a quick, easy and safe…

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Koruser Temporary Surface Protector

Koruser is a temporary surface protector that is breathable, waterproof, anti-skid and reusable. Koruser is reverse wound and with its adhesive underside allows for quick installation that retains its grip and doesn’t move. Made of non woven fibres, Koruser has an anti-slip film preventing slips, falls and tears. Koruser is…

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When it comes to ultimate adaptability for numerous flooring types, Dynamic holds the market. Breaking all the rules, this revolutionary product saves time with its instant access for light traffic. Dynamic provides the superior bond-strength of a fully cross-linked adhesive, while temporarily retaining PSA-like surface tack. Jona Panel Sales Inc.…

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Resolute Unlimited Moisture Vapor Barrier

Chasing moisture can cost valuable time and money, but with Resolute, you can stop it in its tracks. Designed with safe, single-part, moisture-cured chemistry, Resolute is a faster, more installer friendly alternative to two-part epoxy systems. Resolute is engineered for heavy rolling loads and challenging environments, and its waterproof design…

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Versatile gets the job done again and again... and again. With its high-tack, fully repositionable design and immediate access for light traffic, it gives you the freedom to move. Versatile has multiple application methods that make it a perfect solution for all your modular flooring needs. Jona Panel Sales Inc.…

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Pinnacle goes above and beyond by withstanding severe moisture and alkalinity. Offering the upfront benefits of a PSA, it quickly transitions; fully cross-linking into a hard-set to securely lock your flooring in place. With its aggressive, fast-grab design, Pinnacle handles the pressure of heavy rolling loads with ease.

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Cross the finish line first with Finale. With its immediate grab, Finale holds the pressure of inner and outer corners, allowing you to give your job site the final touch. Finale works flawlessly over multiple surfaces and has excellent plasticizer migration resistance to firmly hold your bases.

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Next Surface Stair Treads

Stair Treads made simple. Next Surface is next level technology! Made and assembled in the USA, Next Surface stair treads are easy to install. Skip the puzzle pieces! Next Surface provides easy installation with the stair tread already arriving assembled with a bull nose or square nose finish. Next Surface…

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Enstron Underlayment

Created specifically for the vinyl floor covering industry, Enstron underlayment with its convenient nailing pattern is the product of choice for builders and flooring suppliers alike. Made from 100% recycled fiber, this product offers a solid core, high density panel with a smooth and blemish free surface. Enstron underlayment panels…

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Whisper Walk 3100 F

Both 100, 200 and 500 square foot rolls currently available. Please contact us to find the nearest distributor nearest you. Whisper Walk Foam 3-in-1 Underlayment is the right choice for laminate flooring, engineered wood, and rigid click vinyl plank and tile. Do not use under sheet vinyl or other soft…

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Jona Guard Temporary Surface Protector

Jona Guard is a temporary floor covering to protect your existing floors during renovations or projects that might get a little messy. Durable surface protection against spills, moisture, paints, mud and movers. Fast and easy set up, simply unroll onto your floor and proceed with renovations, alterations or moving in…

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