Ridgeline® Unlimited Moisture Vapor Barrier Adhesive

Ridgeline Unlimited Moisture Vapor Barrier Adhesive

As the peak performer in its industry, Ridgeline rises above by offering complete protection for your wood floors. Ridgeline forms an unlimited moisture vapor barrier, resists alkalinity, and greatly reduces impact and sound transmission. With no moisture-related testing required, Ridgeline saves you valuable time and money.

With STC 62 DB and ∆IIC 68 DB** ratings

**Ratings based on 6” concrete slab with a suspended wallboard ceiling overlaid with 3/8” engineered hardwood flooring

Why Use Ridgeline Unlimited Moisture Vapor Barrier Adhesive?

  • Permanent, waterproof bond
  • Cost savings potential
  • Easy application
  • Easy-to-trowel
  • Faster construction timeline
  • Installs multiple flooring types
  • Solvent and isocyanate-free
  • LEED v4 contributing: CDPH v1.2
  • Modified urethane (isocyanate-free)
  • Unlimited moisture protection (porous slab – ASTM F3191)
  • Unlimited moisture vapor barrier
  • No shot-/bead-blasting required (CSP 1+)
  • No stirring/mixing required
  • No testing required (RH, pH, MVER)
  • Non-slump formula
  • Non-staining, easy-to-clean
  • Low odor
  • pH blocker, protects flooring from alkali attack
  • Competitive price point
  • Rapid access for heavy traffic (6 hrs)
  • Rapid access for light traffic (6 hrs)
  • Rapid occupancy times (6 hrs)
  • Smooths up to 1/8″ irregularities
  • Sound reduction (3rd party tested)
  • Sound reduction and 1/8″-crack isolation
  • Warranted over cutback residue (see TDS)

  • 1-part product & 1-step application
  • Antimicrobial technology & Inhibits mold/mildew growth
  • High-strength, elastomeric membrane
  • Extremely low VOCs