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Aspen® 90% Moisture Vapor Barrier, Elastomeric Adhesive

Aspen keeps you firmly grounded with both its price and performance. Created to offer an alternative to traditional urethane-based adhesives, Aspen is an easy-to-clean, low-odor, isocyanate-free solution. With its early grab, fast-curing formula and tenacious bond, Aspen reduces project time and labor accompanying most wood flooring installations.   High-strength, elastomeric…

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Ridgeline® Unlimited Moisture Vapor Barrier Adhesive

Ridgeline Unlimited Moisture Vapor Barrier Adhesive As the peak performer in its industry, Ridgeline rises above by offering complete protection for your wood floors. Ridgeline forms an unlimited moisture vapor barrier, resists alkalinity, and greatly reduces impact and sound transmission. With no moisture-related testing required, Ridgeline saves you valuable time…

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Gravity® Non-Skid Coating for Loose Lay

Gravity® Adhesive for floating floors and loose lay flooring products. Taylor Gravity® is an anti-skid coating designed to be used with floating floors and loose lay flooring products. Gravity® can be applied to concrete substrates, chipcrete substrates and plywood substrates can be utilized with LVT and LVP. Gravity® can also…

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Cross the finish line first with Finale. With its immediate grab, Finale holds the pressure of inner and outer corners, allowing you to give your job site the final touch. Finale works flawlessly over multiple surfaces and has excellent plasticizer migration resistance to firmly hold your bases.

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Pinnacle goes above and beyond by withstanding severe moisture and alkalinity. Offering the upfront benefits of a PSA, it quickly transitions; fully cross-linking into a hard-set to securely lock your flooring in place. With its aggressive, fast-grab design, Pinnacle handles the pressure of heavy rolling loads with ease.

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Versatile gets the job done again and again... and again. With its high-tack, fully repositionable design and immediate access for light traffic, it gives you the freedom to move. Versatile has multiple application methods that make it a perfect solution for all your modular flooring needs. Jona Panel Sales Inc.…

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Resolute Unlimited Moisture Vapor Barrier

Chasing moisture can cost valuable time and money, but with Resolute, you can stop it in its tracks. Designed with safe, single-part, moisture-cured chemistry, Resolute is a faster, more installer friendly alternative to two-part epoxy systems. Resolute is engineered for heavy rolling loads and challenging environments, and its waterproof design…

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When it comes to ultimate adaptability for numerous flooring types, Dynamic holds the market. Breaking all the rules, this revolutionary product saves time with its instant access for light traffic. Dynamic provides the superior bond-strength of a fully cross-linked adhesive, while temporarily retaining PSA-like surface tack. Jona Panel Sales Inc.…

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