Gravity® Non-Skid Coating for Loose Lay

Gravity® Adhesive for floating floors and loose lay flooring products.

Taylor Gravity® is an anti-skid coating designed to be used with floating floors and loose lay flooring products. Gravity® can be applied to concrete substrates, chipcrete substrates and plywood substrates can be utilized with LVT and LVP. Gravity® can also be used with products that are designed for free fit or loose lay carpet tiles as long as they are hardback and lay flat. Gravity can also work with SPC and WPC products.

A big advantage with Gravity® is it’s not an adhesive, it is just a nonskid coating, so what it does for you allows you to install your floor without permanently attaching it to the substrate so later on if you want to take up the floor and change the flooring tile, flooring OR if you wanted to take up the floor and change direction anything like that can be done very easily with Taylor’s Gravity®.

The flooring can be moved around very readily but once we put it on top of the gravity there’s no movement, however, I can take it right up no transfer no bond to the substrate. You have the same result with an LVT product. It’s easy to move around but once it applied and placed there is no movement.

Gravity® is very simple to apply. We apply it with a roller And this is going to just be a 38 inch roller with gravity. You can get moisture protection of the 85% relative humidity is a single coat 90% if it’s a two coat!

  • Approved substrates: concrete and radiant heated subfloors that do not exceed 85˚F (29.4˚C)
  • Approved substrates where 2 coats are recommended: Gypsum, light weight concrete, APA underlayment grade plwyood and OSB
  • One Coat: RH 85%, pH 5-12, MVER 5 lbs
  • Two Coats: RH 90%, pH 5-12, MVER 10 lbs
  • Cure time is approximately 2 hours per coat under acceptable humidity and temperature conditions
  • Special tools: 3/8" short nap paint roller
  • Estimated coverage: 350 ft2/gal (1 coat) ~200 ft2/gal (2 coats)