Taylor Adhesives


Jona Panel Sales Inc is proud to be the exclusive Canadian sales agent of Taylor™ Adhesive products for all your Resilient Flooring Adhesive needs in Canada!

As a trusted name in technology for more than 40 years, Taylor™ offers advanced solutions to the flooring industry. With excellence at Taylor™ Adhesives’ core, we believe in creating environmentally safe products that promote the health of projects and people.

We at Jona Panel Sales feel Taylor Adhesives is a natural fit with our mission to provide innovative and environmentally friendly building materials to the Canada market for contractors and DIYs alike.

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Looking for a warrantied vinyl underlayment to use with Taylor™ Adhesives? Use our Enstron Underlayment!


Resilient flooring has finally met its match. RESOLUTE’S® safe, 1-part chemistry makes it a faster, more install-friendly alternative to 2-part epoxy systems. Engineered for heavy rolling loads and challenging environments, Resolute’s® waterproof design forms a robust moisture vapor barrier and can also take the punishment introduced by topical liquids.
Resolute® works with these flooring types: LVT/LVP, Sheet Goods (vinyl, homogenous, heterogenous, fiberglass, felt-backed), Rubber (tile and sheet), Linoleum, WPC/WSC, Cork-Backed Hard Surface, Cork Flooring, Cork Underlayment, VCT/VET, Stair Treads (rubber and vinyl)


PINNACLE® goes above and beyond expectations by withstanding severe moisture and alkalinity situations. Offering the upfront benefits of a PSA, it fully cross-links into a hard-set to securely lock your flooring in place. With its unrivaled fast-tack, Pinnacle® boasts immediate access to light traffic.
Pinnacle® works with these flooring types: Sheet Goods (vinyl, homogenous, heterogenous, fiberglass, felt-backed), LVT/LVP, Rubber (tile and sheet), WPC/WSC, Cork-Backed Hard Surface, Cork Underlayment, VCT/VET, Stair Treads (rubber and vinyl).


When it comes to ultimate adaptability to numerous flooring types, DYNAMIC® holds the market. Breaking all the rules, this revolutionary product saves time with its instant access to light traffic. Dynamic® provides the waterproof benefits of a hard-set adhesive while aggressively retaining PSA-like surface tack.
Dynamic® works with these flooring types: LVT/LVP, Carpet Tile (hard and soft-backed), Sheet Goods (vinyl, homogenous, heterogenous, fiberglass), Rubber (tile and sheet), WPC/WSC, Cork-Backed Hard Surface, Cork Underlayment, VCT/VET, Broadloom Carpet (breathable and vinyl-backed), Carpet Cushion to Substrate, Stair Treads (rubber and vinyl).


Take your job site to the next level with ENHANCE® and its multi-functioning capabilities. Enhance® tackles many tough challenges such as encapsulating existing adhesive residue including cutback. Even difficult-to-bond-to substrates are no match for the textured surface profile Enhance® provides.
Enhance® works with these flooring types: Cures to a textured, highly bondable surface – multi-functioning capabilities.


Cross the finish line first with FINALE®. With its immediate grab, Finale® holds the pressure of inner and outer corners, allowing you to give your job site the final touch. Finale® works flawlessly over multiple surfaces and has good plasticizer migration resistance to firmly hold your bases.
Finale® works with these base types: Rubber, Vinyl, Rubber/Vinyl Blends, Carpet.