Bruce Hardwood Products

Bruce Hardwood Adhesives and Bruce Hardwood Cleaners.

Bruce is a trusted name in hardwood specialty products and a leader in technologically advanced hardwood adhesive options for hardwood flooring. Jona Panel Sales Inc. is proud to add the Bruce product line to our extensive roster. Jona Panel Sales leads Canada in innovative underlayment and flooring solutions.

You can find Bruce’s Summit All in One Hardwood Adhesive if you’re looking for an ideal go-to product for your renovation or commercial project. Additionally, you can also find hardwood and all purpose cleaners in the form of spray bottles to pair with the Bruce cleaning mop. Bruce’s cleaners are well established and receive a 4.8 star rating across the board.

Please see our presentation below for the full line of products and their unique advantages designed for hardwood floors.

  • Bruce All in One Hardwood Adhesives
  • Bruce Hardwood & Tile Flooring Cleaners